Before and After Pictures that is. "Let's get it up quick" "Your home looks great"  

Don't list your home quick, list it right

So you watch HGTV and you are wowed by the before and after photos. Well for the majority that do not have a $50,000 budget to renovate or even $10,000 here are some quick tips to help you sell your home for more money faster.  How your home looks online brings the buyer in your home. How your home looks in person brings the offer

   ravines before.jpg           ravines after.jpg

    Before: Sat unsold 83 days                                        After: Under contract in 9 days.                                                                                                                     

Removed trinkets from top of armoire, plants form the side, removed lamp, extra side tables and  chairs, pulled sofa back to showcase space.   

   csater before.jpg         caster after.jpg      

      Before: Sat unsold 30 days                                       After: We sold it FULL Asking price

Professional photography uses a wide angle lens to give buyers a sense of the full room, not just the corner

     autumn kitch before.jpg         Autumn kitchen after.jpg

      Before: Sat Unsold 184 days                              After: We Sold it

 Taking pictures at night does not showcase the outside lighting that buyers love. Use of a phone camera can change the color of the tiles, cabinets and even the stainless steel and cost you a sale

     atutmn before.jpg         autumn after.jpg  

Before: Sat unsold 184 days                    After: We sold it ( yes it's the same bathroom)  

Master Bath of Above home

Honesty is the best policy.  Unfortunately your style may not be what buyers are looking for. We would rather hurt your feelings and tell you what buyers aren't going to like about your home because we don't want to disappoint you by not selling.  Which bathroom would you choose?

 20161103155427103966000000-o.jpg         20161104005737576487000000-o.jpg

           Before: Vacant shows space                                 After: Virtual Staging shows warmth

The reason you hire a Realtor is to tell you what your home is worth and what it will take to get it sold for the most money in the shortest amount of time.  

Ask us to see our full marketing plan. Don't get stuck with a weak agent.